How does the saying go, “Everyone has an opinion, like everyone has an butt hole”. We all know this is very true, you can always count on friends in your life to express their opinions on your life.  It’s great to have friends that care enough about you to express their opinions, but sometimes this can hold you back. At times, your own mind gets in your head, you’ve programmed yourself to question and hesitate.  Lately I’ve made a lot of choices that most of my friends greatly disapprove of, and they’ve vocally expressed that to me.  Even before I made those decisions, I could hear my friends in my head telling me I was being stupid (or I could just be hearing voices). I won’t lie it made me hesitate, while sometimes hesitation is a good thing, it can keep you from making some bad decisions; sometimes hesitation will overtake every decision and soon enough you’ll never just jump and let the universe do what it might. 

     I recently discovered that I was hesitating on every decision, so as a sane person I decided, let me do the complete opposite for a while (in this case the definition of sane might be opposite of what’s in dictionary.com).  I’ve only done a few things with this new mindset, but so far the world hasn’t ended. How many of us think about everyone in our lives before making a decision?  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you will jump blindly into a situation and get hit by a bulldozer, but that can happen even when you hesitate.  How many times do you see someone and think about all the reasons why you shouldn’t go up to them and spark a conversation?  Taylor Swift said in an article that she doesn’t have rules for love, if she thinks too hard about a relationship she might talk herself out of it.  That mindset should be broaden a bit, sometimes we hesitate and talk ourselves out of things and we never go for it.  That kind of hesitation will lead to the “what if” moments, what if I took a chance with that relationship, what if I applied for that position I didn’t think I could get, what if….  

     I challenge each and every one of you, to try this for a day.  Don’t hesitate.  Don’t think about what your friends are going to say.  Don’t let your own mind talk you out of it.  Just jump.  If things don’t work out like you might expected, atleast you were courageous enough to go for it.  There won’t be a “what if” moment, you’ll experience an “oh well” moment.  You won’t grow with “what if’s” but you will grow and learn with the “oh well’s”.  


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