I’ve never been a fan of New Year Resolutions, I feel you don’t need to wait for an exact date to start working on improving yourself. Yet, every January 2nd I head to the gym and all of a sudden there is a rush of new people. I won’t lie, it annoys me the increase of people taking up my machines makes my normal routine slowdown and drag out. At the end of the day, I’m glad people are trying to improve themselves even if it slightly affects my normal routine. But now a few weeks into the year, the crowd is slowly starting to wane.

     I’m happy there is more free space but I just cant help wonder what happens to all the people disappearing. They start off so strong and then just get defeated. Life has a funny way of trying to defeat you when you are trying to get ahead. So often people get run over and take it as a sign that its not meant to be. Think the problem with people is that they tend to take signs in the most pessimistic ways, when they have the ability to turn them into positive and even into motivational factors.

     Instead of taking difficulty as a sign to give up because its hard, look at it as life trying to defeat you because you are close to your goal.  Some people may have luck with reaching their goals, that doesn’t mean thats the right or only way to reach them.  When you see people giving up around you, let that drive you. Sometimes you may find motivation around you, but I think the most successful people are the ones that find it within themselves The ones that can talk to themselves and keep fighting. Sometimes the longest journeys, are the ones that you value most later in life. Don’t let difficulty turn a journey into a negative thing, its all in your perspective.  Keep yourself motivated, with time and persistence any goal is possible. 


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