Valentine’s Day!

Can we come to the conclusion that the only people who enjoy Valentine’s Day are girls and some gays in relationships? They get free stuff, dinner, and can complain without their boyfriends ignoring them…all because of this one day. Joy! 

The rest of us (really the majority) wish this day didn’t exist. Guys in relationship have to deal with the stress of surprising their partner with nice gifts, dinner, and chocolate (can’t forget that). It’s hard! I’ve only been in a relationship once during Valentines, and let me say this…OVERRATED! Spent all day running around town. Try stuffing 75 balloons into a backseat of a car, not fun. Rushing to decorate a bedroom before your lover gets home. I literally was sweating by the time the surprise was revealed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love that I could surprise someone and make them smile. But shouldnt you do that everyday anyways. Yes, we exchange gifts and maybe spruced up dinner but really at the end of the day it was like any other day. We were together, if anything just more tired than a normal day.

The single people are forced to not eat out that day or have to deal with hours wait for a table of one. Forced to see pink love cupcakes at every grocery store. Don’t even attempt to go watch a romantic movie in theaters, you’ll cry about your own life not the movie. It’s just one of those days that most of us wish didn’t exist.

But the reason most of us really wish this day didn’t exist is because we don’t have that one person that is making us stress out and go broke with the buying of gifts. I hope if you are reading this and single that you don’t ever doubt yourself. You are amazing, you just haven’t found someone who can match your amazingness. But I do know your amazingness!


One thought on “Valentine’s Day!

  1. Agreed. I like to use Valentines Day as an excuse for a new manicure and as an opportunity to celebrate all of my relationships. Including the one I have with myself 🙂 so I treated myself to some me-time with a detoxing bath and some wine lol

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