I guess you are suppose to tell people that you have goals and dreams. But can I be honest…I don’t think I ever have. Dreams give people hope I would assume and goals can be motivational. I’ve never been big on “hope” not even during the big hope Obama epidemic of 2008. I just think having a dream, as nice as it may be, is unrealistic. If I dreamed it would be the biggest thing I could think of, which would never happen. I’m not going to inherit a billion dollars by just laying in bed. Im not going to get supernatural powers, or get a hot model in my bed (ive tried). With goals, I feel like that motivation wouldn’t be strong enough. I have to work hard to achieve this goal, and then what? I would have to come up with new goals, never ending cycle. 

     Yet people say if you want something put it out in the universe. I think that kind of is the same thing as having a goal or dream, isnt it? How is me just saying something out loud going to put a motion into action that will lead me to my desire? So I can just say it and let the universe do the heavy lifting for me, and ill just sit here typing away in the comfort of my bed. If that’s the deal, “Universe I love you, and you are looking amazing tonight”.  

     I thought about it, you know the reason why I  don’t have goals, dreams, or even talks with the beautiful Universe and I think Ive come to a conclusion of what is holding me back. Fear! Plain and simple. “What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be” this quote sums up a lot of us, and I definitely can say it fits me. I’m scared of having something in mind and then it doesn’t happen. If I had a goal, it’s because I can envision myself reaching it and living in it. Then that fear creeps in, what if I don’t get it, or maybe worse what if I work hard and reach it but it’s not what I had fully envisioned. A little side track but the reason why this quote first spoke to me was because of a break-up. People didn’t and still don’t understand my hung up on my ex. It took me a bit but I realized, not only did I miss what we had but what I had envisioned in my head of our future together (kids, marriage, the whole nine yards). How can you miss and mourn something that never actually was? Looking at it with this topic at hand, how can I let failure or really the possibility of failure stop me from goals and dreams. It shouldn’t! 

    We all have insecurities, doubts, and maybe even people telling us we can’t…we need to push all that aside and believe in ourselves and have a little faith in the universe. We should strive for our desires, and if it falls through then just know that the universe may have something even better planned for you that even your wildest dreams didn’t see coming. 


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