It seems that as you get older you start losing friends. It’s just one of those unexplained mysteries in life. Its not like you planned to dump all these people but slowly it just occurs, and don’t even try arguing that you are still friends with these people because you still have them as Facebook Friends. Liking a photo and wishing someone a Happy Birthday on Facebook does not mean you are friends, stop lying to yourself! The funny thing is, every once in a while an old friend will pop into mind but even though you may have fond memories they really aren’t missing from your life. It’s kind of Friendship Darwinism, only the strong survive, or as I like to think of it the survival of people that truly bring something to the table.

     When I think of the friends I have now, I can pinpoint why each one is my friend and why I value them. When I was in high school I wouldn’t of had a real answer as to why I was friends with some of those people. Now I do, and it truly is a great thing. I’m not wasting my time and energy on people who aren’t important. As cliche as it sounds, life is too short to waste time with people who dont matter. The people that surround you should make you be a better person, they don’t change you but help you open your eyes. I’m not saying every single one of your friends has to be an Oprah, Jesus, Gandhi, or Britney Spears (hey don’t judge, she’s open my eyes) but they should each bring something to your life. 

     When I look at my friends, it’s an interesting mix. Not just different personalities, but also different connections that I have with them. Some friends, you see everyday and some you see rarely, but yet you have a much stronger bond with them. I have friends that i can openly discuss weird sexual encounters, and can share their own experiences back (everyone needs at least one friend like this). For example, not many of the people I know would discuss a guy they dated that liked to rub his penis on their foot, I mean come on. Then I have that one friend who can discuss our bowel movements, you would think this isn’t interesting….you would be mistaken. Then I know that one person who I can talk out my thoughts to and won’t judge but listen.

     Even though we might lose friends during our journey of life, the good ones tend to stay around. Be grateful for the ones that are bringing positivity and growth to your life. If you realize you have friends who aren’t doing this, maybe you should think about why they are in your life. Don’t waste energy on people who aren’t worth it, you’ll regret it later in life. We may have no choice in our families, but we have a say in our friends. Pick an Oprah, not a Lindsay Lohan.


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