I tend to not get super personal about myself when I write my blogs so I thought I would post kind of a summary of my life at the end of each month. You’ll get to know me a bit better, and also kind of shows you how some of my past post have played a part in my life.

Dating: Last week I posted about getting back out there and putting myself back into the dating life. For the most part there’s been a lot of dead ends. This one guy offered me money to allow him to play with my feet, sounds like a winner doesn’t it. Another guy just started a conversation with asking if I like money, first of all “hello to you too” and secondly who doesn’t, but I don’t even want to know what I have to do for that money. I did hit it off with this one guy and we started talking for a couple days, then it kind of died off (typical!). So basically at the same place I was before, but at least it entertains me a bit.

Work: One of my goals was to find a job. I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago, sadly it didn’t pan out. Two days ago, I got a call for another interview, I’m going in Monday so send me some good vibes. I don’t think anyone is a fan of interviews, I feel that you can’t be your true self and shouldn’t they want to see that. But irregardless, wish me luck.

Diet: I don’t believe I mentioned it on here but I started being a vegan at the beginning of February, Monday is my month anniversary. Was a bit tough at the start, but it’s become a bit more bearable as time goes on. My personal reason for becoming a vegan was because of the animals. Even though I’m getting use to the diet, every time I’m around someone new I have to explain it all over again to another person *sigh*.

Addictions: This month I’ve added a few new things to my life that I never needed before. I’ve become obsessed with Doctor Who. For those who might not have any idea what this is, it’s a tv show about a space traveler and its so good. I’ve also given into it, it being reading books on my tablet. I never thought I would but I’ve read more in the past month on my tablet than I did all last year. My favorite book this month, “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green, great story, made me cry like a baby.


2 thoughts on “February

  1. The correct reply to any inquiry about money is “How much?” I guarantee there is a dollar amount that would make those feet worth it. It’s likely higher than the guy is willing to pay, but there is a number… ; )

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