Mistakes Made on First Dates

     Since I’m such a date magnet (crickets) I decided to write a post about what not to do on a first date. Lets be honest we’ve all gone on a date and as soon as we get in our cars we curse ourselves for mistakes we made. Finding a date for someone people, not me of course, can be difficult so there’s a lot of pressure on a first date going well.

     1. Don’t pressure yourself! Dates may not come easily but if you build up the date, you’ll psych yourself out. Just go in there relax, that’s the best way to let your true self shine.

     2. Pick a good location. The movies don’t allow for talking. A bar is too loud and is too distracting. Pick somewhere you’ve been before and that is relaxing. You want the least amount of unknown factors so never go to a new restaurant, getting food poisining is not a good way to end a date.

     3. Don’t have sex. If you do it doesn’t make you a slut, just a whore. All kidding aside, having sex on a first date is probably not a good idea, unless the date was just amazing and you found your soulmate. Sex on a first date can lead to the awkward “well I have to get up early” (aka I’m done so go home) or the weird morning wake up next to a stranger.

     4. Don’t go if you are sick. I once went on a date because I didn’t want to cancel and was having stomach issues, fine it was diarrhea, and regretted it. Not only did I sweat from trying not to go to the restroom every ten minutes but I couldn’t eat or concentrate. If you have a runny nose, stay home. Nobody wants to see your snot mix in with your soup.

     5. Don’t bring up ex’s. We’ve all been there, comparing someone new to an ex. A first date isn’t the place to discuss your ex. Discussing ex’s leads to discussing your psycho tendencies and reason for breaking up. Probably not the best light to show on a first date.

     6. Don’t babble. When I’m nervous I can carry on a singular conversation for hours. A first date is about getting to know each other, so keep the flow going back and forth. 

     7. Don’t get drunk. You may be borderline alcoholic and a party animal but your date shouldn’t have to deal with that just yet. I once had a date get me close to drunk, probably trying to get me to break #3. It can leave you in a bad situation, what if you cant drive home? So don’t get drunk, like Patti Stanger says “two drink maximum”.

     8. Don’t lie! Lying on a first date just starts the snowball effect. Once you lie you have to keep it up, nobody wants to be known as a liar on a first date. Starting off a relationship on lies, only leads to disaster. It’s a first date, if they don’t like you better to know now.

     9. No cell phone. You would think this is obvious but we all know we are addicted to them. Have your phone on silent, and give your full attention to your date. If its going awful and need to tell someone, excuse yourself to the restroom and text your friends from there.

     10. Be observant. You can learn a lot about someone from their behavior, not just their words. Watch how they treat the waiter, or the people you interact with during a date. Try and take a peek at the tip they left. Is their body language positive or negative, you don’t want to bore your date.

Most people go to a restaurant for a first date, which is a good option but try something a bit different. I personally love going to the zoo on a first date, lots of alone time but also enough stimuli to not let conversation become stale. Just go somewhere where you feel at ease. I’m sure you guys have other tips, any good random ones make sure to comment and share.


5 thoughts on “Mistakes Made on First Dates

  1. First dates are always awkward. I never really enjoyed them because it seems like your obesseing over how you look, smiling, or what you are going to talk about next. I much prefer to get to know someone first through friends. That way it is so much easier to connect with that person. But I know that doesn’t always happen. I never thought about going to the zoo, sounds like an interesting date. I have never really been into the club scene, but that’s just me. I would like to do something outdoors with someone sometime. It seems like it would be more of a relaxed atmosphere and it’s not like you are going to be dressed up for it either. Which I think can help because you are not working as hard to impress someone. Plus you get to see your date as he would look on a everyday basis.

    • I agree dating someone that’s a friend is a great route because you know each other and you can just jump in, but then there’s always the potential fallout.

      I love the zoo as a date because even if your date is a horrible person Atleast the animals will entertain. (-:

      Thanks for checking out my blog!

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