Staying Sane!

     We all have things in our life which keep us running around like maniacs. Whether its our jobs, kids, spouses, bills, or a million other things there always seems to be something that brings us stress. People seem to be working more and more these days which leads to less down time. You have that one time a year vacation planned, and that’s considered your personal time. Lets be honest vacations, especially family ones, are not as relaxing as commercials make them seem. It’s important to have time set aside for yourself weekly.

     As hard as it may seem sometimes, there is always time to relax. People seem to scoff at the idea of relaxing by doing yoga or filling up a tub and enjoying a nice bath, they don’t have time for that rubbish. Relaxing doesn’t just mean enjoying quietness or not doing any physical activity, its all depended on the individual. I definitely can enjoy a great yoga sessions, and come out relax and centered, but I can get the same pleasure from a hard workout. I define relaxing as something that allows you to escape the stress of what’s on your mind. For some of us, sitting in complete quiet will only enhance the mind stressing over various things. Those people need something that will drain them and distract their mind from their stress. 

     It’s just a matter of finding what works best. Not every can find relaxation in yoga, there’s nothing wrong with that. It doesnt mean you can’t unwind, it just means you haven’t found what works for you. You may have an extremely busy schedule and enjoy quiet time, but don’t have the option on an hour yoga session. Find a solution, wake up fifteen minutes earlier (I know it sounds awful but you can do it) and do a mini yoga session in your bedroom. Maybe being creative helps you relax, buy some art supplies and paint a few minutes a day or one day a week for thirty minutes. There’s always ways to make your stress reliever fit into your schedule.

     This personal time seems to get overlooked and deemed as unnecessary quite often, but if you make it work into your life you will notice a difference. Life throws all these crazy and stressful things our way, quite often we forget about ourselves. We worry about our families, our bosses, or whatever other external factor needs your attention and we leave ourselves for the end. It’s important to treat yourself from time to time, it’ll keep you sane and add a little happiness to those stressful days. If you keep just winding yourself up, you will end up hurting yourself and those that depend on you. Unwind! Find your relief. 


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