Guy’s Annoying Behavior

Thought I try something different, since Im posting twice a week. Post something random on Wednesdays  and my usual “advice” posts on Sunday. 

      I’m a guy so I can pick on my gender a bit, and I’m sure there is more guys out there who will share my views on some of these behaviors. I’ll admit some of these I am guilty of, but let’s be clear not all of them apply, I’m not that much of a mess….yet.

     – Guys working out at the gym who grunt. We get it, you can lift a lot of weights. Way to go. Also, guys who leave their sweat all over the benches, that’s never okay, EVER!

     – I’m guilty of this: not washing dishes. This might be a everyone thing but guys definitely stay away from washing the worst invention in the world. 

     – Loud cars. Guys let me give you a clue, girls don’t get turned on by an incredibly obnoxious loud car. The only person you are turning on, is another douche guy. You two can go take off together, the rest of the world will appreciate it. That also goes for your incredibly loud audio system.

     – Dirty! I just don’t get it, how hard is it to clean. Clothes all over the room, trash all over the car, and grease stains on the clothes. 

     – Macho Persona. The amount of testosterone in a club when two guys want to fight is hazardous. All you will win defending your honor is getting kicked out, and me possibly spilling my drink. Nobody wins, especially not the poor vodka on the floor.

     – Spitting in public. I never understood why guys do this. Not only do they spit but they have to make a noise while doing it. Guys if you want to find a partner, that probably isn’t doing it. 

     – Sports. I understand we all have our interest but nobody takes it to extreme as guys who love talking about sports. They know ever stat about the team, player, probably even know if their favorite player wears boxers or briefs (of course, they won’t admit it to the rest of us). You would think they are dating some of these players sometimes with the amount of information they know. 

     Of course there is many more, but we don’t have all day. If I missed a real good one, feel free to comment below and share. Maybe I do something that’s annoying and don’t realize. 



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