Table for One

     I don’t know about you, but have you ever noticed that you can’t go to places on your own. When was the last time you had lunch or dinner alone at a restaurant (sitting alone at work during lunch doesn’t count)? When was the last time you went to the movies alone? Going to some places alone just feels weird and uncomfortable. If for some reason you are forced to eat out alone you spend all dinner on your cell; checking all your social apps, texting your friends, and surfing the web. 

     I never really noticed this behavior but there has been a few times where I want to go to the movies or dinner but can’t find someone to go with, so I end up going through a drive-thru or watching a movie at home. Even just going to eat at Chipotle, which is by no means a restaurant, I spend the whole time I’m there eating on my phone scarfing down my food as quick as possible. I’ve never been able to go to a bar or club alone, I just feel everyone is staring at me and I am out of place. If I go to meet someone at a bar and they are running late, I whip out my phone and occupy myself on it until that person arrives. Why can’t I just sit somewhere and enjoy what is happening around me; be it the food, drinks, movies, or whatever else I am meant to be enjoying. 

     I met a friend who actually went out to fancy restaurants alone. This was something he did regularly and he enjoyed it. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how he did it and without society’s best friend, the cellphone. He said he liked to go eat and enjoy his meal with no distractions, just focusing on the food. My mind was blown! We all pick places that we know serves good food, but food tends to take a back seat when we go out with our friends to restaurants. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I hadn’t been enjoying some things because I was afraid to do them alone for some reason. 

      I started trying it, going to movies and restaurants alone. Shockingly he was right, it was a different experience. It was hard to sit somewhere alone, and just focus on what was on hand and myself, but once I got used to it I really enjoyed it. I can’t describe it but just sitting at a table with no one but my food, is really relaxing. Not only are you fully enjoying the meal but you are stuck with yourself, you are forced to face yourself. When you are somewhere for an hour with no outside factors, you start combing your mind to entertain yourself.

       During a busy week, which lets face it for most adults is every week, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner so this is a perfect way to catch up on your own. I challenge you to attempt to go to dinner alone, and that means no cell phone either. Just relax and take a deep breath. Enjoy the tranquility, not only will you enjoy your experience more but you will feel more centered at the end. Plus dinner for one is cheaper than dinner for two. 



5 thoughts on “Table for One

  1. I like the post, and my opinion about it, well for some times yeah,,,, it really works specially to re-evaluate what you had been through. It’s also good to take the chance to think clearly about your future. However we are human being and we live in social life so i am sure you can say it works, but if i might add, “it works but only sometimes. not all the time”. in addition i said, “it depends on the mood” 🙂


    • Who said we are social? I feel we are trained to be social,as kids we are told to make friends and play nice. Well what if I don’t want friends? Haha.?

      • Although we can do it our self but there must be something that you couldn’t do it alone. Specially when we have some kind of trouble or problems, we need some different point of view, someone to lean on, some shoulder to cry on, some one to say “you can do this?”
        N.B.: just speak from my experienced 🙂


  2. Ya Andrian, I used to do the watch movie all alone, eat at the restourant all alone, or just simply walking through the crowd by my self. Even if the other people looking at me sadly or feel sorry about me, I don’t care. It feels so good when I’m able to enjoy my time. So I’v done your dare Andrian in many times, so what would I get from you … ha ha ha [just kidding :D]

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