Favorite March Things.

1. Stickygram- magnets
2. Origins “Drink Up-Intensive” Overnight Mask
3. Taco Bell- Cool Ranch Tacos
4. Andrew Christian- underwear
5. Doctor Who- tv show

If you like the video make sure to like and comment, so that way I can decide if I make this a monthly thing. Also, comment if your favorite March things, so I try new stuff.


8 thoughts on “Favorite March Things.

  1. The taco bell – cool ranch tacos you’ve eaten, seems to so delicious…. the taco that we have here is not that good, …
    My favorite march things is a spaggetti [a full bowl of] well it made by me 😀 he he he… [would you like to try it adrian?] 😀

  2. I love Doctor Who. One of my favorite shows of all time! I talk about it all the time. And that cool ranch one was really good. I was so excited when it came out… You know the normal amount of excitement that goes with food. And the video was great.

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