Why Females Should/Do Love Gays

In my experience it seems that females are a lot more accepting and open to gays and their lifestyles. The typical/stereotype answer as to why this is, coming from a straight guy, is that gays are just like girls. Well, we are not, we are still guys except we like to play with penises (actually straight guys do too…hmm). In any case I have come up with some possible ideas as to why females are so accepting, and if you are a female and aren’t open to gays maybe some reasons why you should.

1. Best Bar Experience. Listen up girls, if you ever want to go out and not pay for drinks, hang out with the gays. Not only our are bars better and more fun, but you have a bigger chance of a guy here buying you drinks for wearing fierce shoes. You also don’t have to worry about some douche guys hitting on you when all you want to do is dance. At the end of the night, if you are passed out drunk, there is no better person than a gay to hold your hair while you puke your guts out.

2. Honesty. Straight guys, you know how tough it is when your girl ask you “does this make me look fat?” and no matter what you answer it can turn into a mini argument. When a girl ask a gay guy this, we can be honest and not get yelled at. We just have a way of speaking the truth that a girl can appreciate. Sorry bros. 

3. Fashion. Not all gay guys have the fashion eye, but we definitely out number the straight guy fashion eye. We just can’t control being able to help dress a girl and make her boobs take center stage. Girls with gay friends know, if you ever have a fashion dilemma a gay can straighten it out. Who better to take shopping than an expert?

4. Best Wing Man. Not only will we make you look hot, but once we get to the club we can hook you up. You don’t have to worry about a gay guy trying to steal the guy you are eyeing like your so called “girlfriends” have done. We will make sure you don’t get too drunk if you are talking to a possible fling. Most importantly, we make sure you look good all night just in case Prince Charming is in the building. 

5. Fun! Us gays know how to have a good time. No matter where we go we can make it a party, of course it’s easier with alcohol, but we manage regardless. We are just a good date, can’t be tamed. Don’t even get me started on our vocabulary that in itself entertains. 

6. Personal Dr. Phil. When you and your boyfriend are having trouble, there is no one better to vent to. We aren’t going to judge or tell all your other friends the gossip, we are there to listen and help. We always help boost moral “girl, you are werking that dress. Hot mama”. (“werk”: [not to be confused with work] means to do something or pull something off amazingly)

7. Talks. I have had various conversations with my straight girl friends that most people without gay friends would consider scandalous, but to us it’s just a very honest conversation. Girls you can learn some new tricks (if you know what i’m saying). There is also no better person to spill the T with than a gay, we always have something juicy to talk about. (“T”: [not to be confused with tea] means to gossip or spill the dirt)

8. Bond Over Douche Guys. You’ve been dumped by an a**hole, so have your gay friends. We are just another person who knows what you are going through. Gays can provide you insight into the male mind; we may be gay, but straight guys, we know how to the male mind works sometimes. 

At the end of the day everyone is different. Warning: not all gays are created equal. So girls don’t think just because you found a gay, doesn’t mean you found your new bff that will braid your hair.

My next post will be “Why Straight Males Should/Do Love Gays”. 


10 thoughts on “Why Females Should/Do Love Gays

  1. Adrian.. the reason why I’m following your blog is because we are so much different, in my place we get no freedom to express our self -if we do it’s just like a fake-, so it so much interesting post you’ve written ups there, so I can learn many kind of human being. So I thank you for bringing many different of views, but me personnaly would willing to open up of world, I’m learning to.
    Tq ya… 😀

    • Thanks for following, never really thought about blogs being a window into a different culture. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask. Im pretty open so dont mind talking about different topics. (-:

  2. I wouldn’t care if anyone was gay or not. A person that can be who they truly are and not care what anyone has to say is someone I would definitely want to be around.
    Too many people are hung up on how the world views them.

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