Why Straight Guys Should/Do Love Gays

When it comes to the dynamic between straight and gay guys there seems to be a divide. Straight guys assume gays only now about “girl” stuff and can’t carry a conversation with the bros. Myself personally I know I can’t carry a conversation about cars, sports, or straight sex; but there is a lot of gay guys that are into cars and sports so don’t count us short we all just have different likes. Now let’s get down to business as to why straight guys should love or why some already love gay guys.

1. Presents. There is no one better to help you pick out a gift for your girlfriend or a girl you are trying to impress than us. If you are friendly with your girl’s gay friend, when it comes time to buy a gift for your girlfriend; one call to her gay friend and you will have a long list of viable options. If you are extra nice, we will even get the present for you and let you have all the credit, even though your girlfriend probably knows it was us. 

2. Girl Advice. Your girlfriend is mad and you have no idea what the heck you did (ill let you in on a secret, its not always her period). Have you heard of the Dog Whisperer, well you  can call us the Coslopus Whisperer. There is a good chance your girl called and told us about your insensitive mistake; while we won’t betray her trust we will be happy to help you analyze the situation.

3. Drinking Bro. Not only can we dance the night away with our girl friends but we can out drink the manliest man (drink responsibly). Having a gay friend in a group of straight guys is very beneficial at the bar, a gay guy can be the best wing man. We can spark a conversation about Beyonce’s fierceness, and then slip in “have you met my friend Ted?”.

4. Substitute Date. Let’s be honest not every straight guy wants to sit through a new romantic movie that seems to come out every week, having a gay friend comes in handy when you just need a week off from seeing dreamy Zac Efron on the big screen. We can be your substitute and take your girlfriend out. 

5. Learn New Things. Gays tend to be a little more adventurous in bed than our straight counterparts. I won’t go to into it, this isn’t a sex blog, but straight guys could learn a little something from their gay friends. This can be hard, I get it, but guys there’s no need to be embarrassed speaking about sex with a gay guy. 

6. Great Friend. I’ve always believed that having a variety of friends is key to personal happiness and growth. If you are surrounded by people that are exactly like you, you will never grow or learn new things. Having a gay friend adds someone that will bring something new to your life.

At the end of the day, not having a gay friend in your life doesn’t make you homophobic. Sometimes we have perceptions on a group of people so we don’t give people a chance, never let that keep you from getting to know someone who could bring something positive to your life. So straight guys that have gay friends, thanks for accepting us! 


3 thoughts on “Why Straight Guys Should/Do Love Gays

  1. Doesn’t this kind of reduce gay men down to several distinct stereotypes that at first you seemed like you wanted to avoid? I mean, I’m sorry but I’m terrible at picking out presents for girls and I’m even worse at figuring out why the hell they’re mad. Designating one drink as “manly” only perpetuates the social gender norms which lead to such gay stereotypes as gay men being more “feminine” than other men (indicating that the reverse is true as well – “feminine” men are all gay).

    Basically, I think reducing a person’s identity within a group of friends into “the gay one” is detrimental not only to that person but also to the people they’re friends with. I’m way more than my sexuality or any of the stereotypes associated with it.

    • On my last post “Why Women…” I stated that not all gay men are created equal. Everybody knows there is gay guys that don’t fall under any of society’s stereotype for gays. These post are light hearted and meant to be cheeky. I feel we are way ahead of having to adamantly deny stereotypes are wrong sometimes, we can embrace these stereotypes and play with them.

      • Eh, I get where you’re coming from but I don’t think what you were doing was really “playing” with the stereotypes. It seems to me to be more perpetuating the single most widely known gay stereotype.

        I know some people think we’ve moved beyond denying stereotypes exist and into this area where we’re all comfortable with ourselves, but I think especially in the gay community stereotypes are alive and have a strong hold on how we view and identify ourselves and others.

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