Random/Awkward Situations

Don’t you feel that at times your life is just full of strange situations, and all you can do is laugh or you might freak out and cry. Sometimes life just throws these precious gems into your life, but other times you set yourself up for them. In the moment when it’s happening sometimes you just want to shrink down and die, but when you look back you just have to laugh. Ironically a lot of us share the same awkward experiences, yet you always feel like it only happens in your life. 

1. “You too”. Example: you buy a movie ticket and the cashier tells you to enjoy the movie, before you can help yourself you respond “you too”. Awkward! The cashier is obviously working and not going to watch the movie with you. This happens to me a lot when i get something to eat and they tell me to enjoy my meal. The funny part is that you realize what you just said makes no sense, but the worker never seems think your response is strange. 

2. Being Caught Singing. I love to sing, but Im tone deaf. I don’t let my horrible voice keep me from being a rockstar in my car, I sing with the windows down at the top of my lungs. They are times when I forget other people can hear and see me when I am jamming out. All of a sudden I whip my head to the beat and realize there is a car right next to me at the stop light. This is the moment I slowly roll up the windows and lower the volume of the stereo. 

3. First…wait…Second Date. Thankfully this has never happened to me, but I can understand when I hear it happens to other people. Going on what you think is a first date with someone, but actually you have gone on a date with them before. With all these different online sites people are on, you are bound to run into the same people, but sometimes so much time has gone by you forget and mistakenly set-up a second date. Not only awkward because you don’t realize this until you see them in person and it clicks, then you are left wondering if they even remember you have gone a date before. 

4. Big Mouth. Story of my life! Sometimes you say something and don’t realize there is other people around. I wouldn’t say I am the most politically correct person around, but I try to watch what I say when I’m around new people, it just doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes (if I’m lucky) its something small, like putting down someone’s favorite singer, but it actually tends to often be something big, like putting down a big part of someone’s life. Sometimes the person will speak up, other times at the end of the party one of your friends (most often will tell you as they are laughing) says that your debate on the existence of God really offended the guy in seminary school you had no was there since he never spoke up. Good look at your next run-in. 

5. Running Into An Ex. This has always been awkward to me, especially since I don’t talk to them once we break up. Do you go and say hello, since they obviously saw you, or do you just smile and nod next time you lock eyes? Of course this can escalate from just awkward to bad, if you start breaking down in tears from just seeing your ex and you have to be escorted out by your friends so your ex can’t see you. 

6. Walking Into A Smell. Have you ever walked into an elevator that smelled like a fart? You push for level seven, but the elevator stops early to pick someone up at level three. Now the person coming in probably thinks you farted..awkward. You stand in silence holding your breath, and walk out as fast as you can once the doors open at your floor. Or when you are standing around a large group of people and all of a sudden you catch a whiff of a fart, then you automatically start thinking people will think it’s you because you smelled it first. 

7. Running Into People When You Look Like A Bum. When you dress up to go shopping, you never run into anyone. When you go to the store just to pick something up real quick in your old ratty clothes, you run into everyone. *sigh* One of the Universe favorite pass-times.

8. You Don’t Remember Me. Running into someone and they come start talking to you, in your mind you are thinking, who the heck are you. You play along, then the person realizes you don’t remember them…awkward. As soon as they tell you who they are you, you start nodding “oh of course” but really you still have no idea who they are. 

9. Running Into Family. We all know family can be judgmental and critical, so of course you run into them at the most inopportune times. You are either with your weirdest friend, in a place you don’t want to be seen, or acting inappropriately. 

Life just loves to screw with us. All we can do is confront these moments head on, or take my route, and hide as fast as you can before someone sees you. Any other awkward moments happen to you lately?


3 thoughts on “Random/Awkward Situations

  1. How about when you think your friend is behind you and start talking to him as if he was there and you turn around expecting him to respond only to find a complete stranger before you.

  2. Perhaps live loves to screw with us, but it’s worth it to living through… And I lately, yap something rough happends in my working day [arguing with my boss about his silly decision], but live keep moving foward right,..?

    So keep your heart and mind up all the time, let no one to fall you down 😀

    #sometimes I can be so wise.. [ha ha ha]# kidding bro 🙂

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