Stranger Danger: Online Dating Caution

I’ve written about online dating quite a bit and have mentioned some pitfalls of it; I decided to make one post of some of the dangers I have found out about online dating. If you are thinking about online dating, maybe you should read this and be more prepared for what’s out there. If you are currently trying out online dating, then some of these you might of already learned yourself. If you are happily in a relationship, then enjoy the mess the rest of us have to deal with.

1. Creeps. Think most people who start online dating realize that they are going to run into inappropriate people, but they might not be prepared as to how raunchy it can get. Not only will you get the invitations to perform sexual acts, but you will be offered some interesting things. Maybe a golden shower (I’ll let you google that), sucking some toes, or maybe get compen$ated for sex. Sadly some of these people are quite persistent, and in this case the “block” button should be used.

2. Fairy Tale. We all want to find love, but you need to go into online dating with a sense of reality not delusion. I am not saying finding love is impossible, but for every prince charming there is hundred toads. You would think online dating makes it easier since people’s profiles make it easier to find someone that has your interest. But somehow that true match seems to evade you.

3. Work. Online dating isn’t as simple as they make it seem on those commercials plastered all over tv. OD (Online Dating) really is quite a bit of work. It’s not just checking your messages really quick and that’s that. You have to comb through the garbage and creeps, once you find someone promising you go and check out their profile. Then you have to start the delicate dance of messaging back and forth. Of course you have to keep talking to other people, because this one person might be a bust. It becomes a part-time job. It’s like anything else in life, if you want results you have to put in work.

4. Liars. In our society it seems people are pretty hesitant about trusting strangers, but somehow in OD you can get swept away with catastrophic results. The beauty of the internet is that people can make themselves anyone they want. Have you ever thought maybe that picture I have on my blog isn’t even me? It might not be. Nowadays it’s simple to steal other people’s pictures and claim them your own. Make up hobbies, jobs, and personality traits that you don’t really posses. Sometimes when someone seems too good to be true, they might not be real. It’s important to have multiple conversations to get a “real” feel before you meet someone. Even then you should consider that first meet up as a blind date, because you could be walking into anything. 

5. Dating Or Sex. Even though they are called OD sites, a good mixture of these people just want sex. Some are honest and mention that in their profiles, but others like to play the “i’m looking for a serious relationship” yet have a picture of their penis as their profile (classy). It’s a slippery slope, we all get lonely sometimes and the idea that sex is a click away is very alluring. So be honest on your profile, if you are looking for a relationship and the occasional one night stand (always play safe readers), mention that in your profile. 

5.5 Hook-Ups. If you are going to meet someone for sex, be very careful. As I’ve mention before it is really easy to pretend to be someone you aren’t. Don’t just ask for pictures, ask if you can Skype or Facetime with the person you are suppose to meet-up with. It is a little more work, but faking pictures is just too easy. Also, always know what you are walking into. You could think you are having sex with one person, and walk into a full blown orgy with hobos (not speaking from experience or anything). The most important thing is, if you don’t feel comfortable trust your instincts and just leave. Your life and dignity are worth more than random sex.

6. Stalkers. People online can be thirsty, and as we know creeps. Someone could seem like a normal, mentally balanced individual and end up a complete psycho. You should always be careful when sharing your personal number or full name, because its a perfect situation for stalkers. They will start messaging you non-stop and all of a sudden following you on every social outlet you have. Some people are really good at hiding their stalker tendencies, thank goodness for the “block” option. 

There is obviously a lot more out there than I’ve covered on this article, but the most important thing to know before starting online dating is to trust your instincts. Don’t rush and be impatient, OD only works when you are smart. Also, don’t let the creeps make you a pessimist. It is work and a commitment to try OD but you never know when the perfect match can be found. What I found most shocking is that you need to have humor. With the amount of creeps and weird messages, you have to laugh at it or you will go mad. 


3 thoughts on “Stranger Danger: Online Dating Caution

  1. I forgot that dating was a part of online dating. The photo is more important than what’s written in your profile. To me it’s about sex. Sadly, I only look for shags online. What about dating or love? I forgot they existed on the internet.

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