Small World

ImagePhoto from London Marathon today. 

Today was the London Marathon, and in show of respect they had a thirty-second moment of silence before the race. Sometimes we get tunnel vision and only focus on what’s immediately around us, not looking outside our own towns. Most of us only remember there’s a world outside our own towns when we watch the news and see some tragedy occurring to others. Why do we have this mentality of only focusing on ourselves?

The world may seem large, but we are only a tiny dot when you think of our role in the whole universe. As far as we know, we are the only life forms around. Yet we have people far and near doing or threatening acts of violence to others. Instead of trying to enhance the world for the betterment of the entire planet, we have many doing everything in their power to stall this. I understand there is a variety of people with different ideals, religions, moral standards, languages and skin tone but we all share our home. I just can’t wrap my mind around those using petty things to justify violence against others they don’t understand or disapprove of. 

Call me naive, but shouldn’t world peace be easy to achieve? This tunnel vision many people posses is what’s blocking harmony from overtaking the entire planet. Random acts of violence never have a winner. The planet has gone through several wars, and two “World Wars” but can anyone really call themselves a winner. The only thing achieved is destructions of entire countries, homes, and the loss of millions of people. 

These two bombers in Boston, what did they achieve? One is dead and the other is in prison. I just don’t understand. You know you are going to get caught, so why do it? Only thing you have done is taken the lives of innocent people, and cut your own lives short. No winners. We have North Korea threatening to use weapons against pretty much the entire world. Why? 

This post is a little random, but I just don’t understand these people who seem to thrive on death and destruction. Why can’t we all just accept our differences and help each other grow without weapons and death? We pride ourselves as being the smartest living things, but honestly we are nothing more than senseless killing machines. I wish the world could unite to better our world, not just unite when tragedy strikes. 



5 thoughts on “Small World

  1. Run if you can, Walk if you must, but Finish for The World *permit to change* *I love this tag*
    Yap Andrian world peace be easy to achieve, it’s so true, but human kind make it not. But start form the very of us, I believe we can. 😀
    Salute to you as your great post..

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