Stop Holding On

Sometimes you meet someone that brings happiness and positivity to your life. Sometimes you date these people but for one reason or another it just doesn’t work out. They are so spectacular that you want to keep them part of your life. Yet, you know that keeping them close will only lead to hurt; seeing them with someone else, hearing them talk about their latest conquest in bed, or just hanging out and imagining what could of been if you had worked out.

You try and push them away, but they still remain on your mind. You try and let them in only a little, but soon their brilliance has bust the door wide open and you have set yourself up to be vulnerable. You know you shouldn’t allow them into your life again but feeling their positivity or their touch is worth allowing them back in, or so you tell yourself. You try and keep boundaries but all you want is to be immersed in their life again. You tell yourself….

Why don’t they want me

Why don’t they love me

Why don’t they open their eyes

Everything is about them, not you. Instead of asking “why don’t they…”, you should be asking “why don’t I”.

Why don’t I move on

Why don’t I love myself

Why don’t I open my eyes

They obviously don’t want you, so why aren’t you moving on? Why don’t you love yourself enough to stop putting yourself through these mind games? Why don’t you open your eyes and realize that they are over you and realize you don’t need them?

You can love someone and not have them in your life, it’s okay. I believe you should only have people in your life that love you as much as you love them. Don’t waste your time on those who don’t put you on the same pedestal you put them on. It’s not their fault or yours, it just works out that way sometimes.

Don’t go through life holding your breathe for this person to realize you are perfect for them. If they had you and didn’t realize this when you were dating, it’ll most definitely not happen after you have broken up. You need to realize you need to move on, cut them out. Don’t feel bad cutting them off, if they ever loved you they will realize why you must let them go and accept that. You might miss an opportunity with someone out there who will love you as much as you love them. 



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