Forgive means…

One of the hardest things in life is to forgive. If you are thinking to yourself, I forgive all the time, I want to know what definition of forgiveness you are using. If that definition includes, I’ll forgive but I won’t forget, then you aren’t really forgiving. The goal of forgiving should be to relinquish the hurt and anger someone has caused you.

If you don’t forget, all those feelings will still be boiling inside of you. The person who cause you pain has moved on, they have been forgiven. Yet, you are still carrying the emotional baggage. Doesn’t seem right does it?

Forgiveness is more about you than the individual who caused you to hurt. If you don’t truly forgive, you will continue to cause yourself pain. Forgiveness is about you moving on. Love yourself enough to truly forgive, and be able to move on without carrying anger towards this person. It was their choice to hurt you, don’t let them have the power to continue causing you suffering. If you see someone who you “forgave” but still get angry upon their sight, then you haven’t truly forgiven.

How many of us have been wronged by someone we’ve dated? You know how hard it is to see them after the break-up; all you feel is anger and hurt towards them. They are moving on but you still get affected by them. Forgive them for your own personal growth, don’t hold that anger and resentment. Let it go, so you can move on.

Respect and love yourself enough to let go and forgive. Not for their good but for yours. Forgiveness doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process. Take your time, but don’t dwell just for the sake of holding on to the anger. You have enough going on in your life to keep space for someone who isn’t worth it. Forgive!


7 thoughts on “Forgive means…

  1. I found the meaning of forgiveness today in reading a quote by Sue Patton Thoele. “We forgive in order to free our own hearts and souls and return ourselves to a state of love.” We will never truly know love again until our past gets the healing it needs. When we forgive we free ourselves to experience love in a new way.

    • So true. So many of us try and move on from a past relationship without properly healing. We go into the next one with these emotions never giving the new person in our life the proper chance. Love that!

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