Cut Out the Negative

I’ve been on this kick of late to relinquish any negativity I bring onto myself. When you look at what contributes stress and negativity to your life much of it is brought on by your own actions. So many people blame others for their misfortune but if you can’t recognize your own sabotaging actions, you’ll never become a positive and happy individual. When you really take matters into your own hands and make good decisions, that’s when you will become the best you.

One of the most negative things we can do is to keep people around that don’t allow us to move on from negativity. The person themselves could be an individual that spouts negativity or they could be a reminder of it. We know their contribution of negativity to our lives yet we keep them around. We fool ourselves into thinking they contribute some positivity that outweighs the negativity.

We all know someone who is just a downer, someone so deep in negativity that they seem to want to contaminate those around them.  Someone in your life that brings you down, putting doubt in your mind of the great things you are capable of. A person that only sees themselves as a victim of life, and anyone else that seems to be thriving in life should be made to feel guilty.

The worse kind of negative person, is the one that is actually a positive individual. We have people who are truly good, with a head full of positive thoughts but they represent negativity. You two shared something that created a strong bond, but due to a circumstance they have turned into a negative factor. Their presence in your life is surrounded by negative energy, and even though they may live a positive life the mere presence of them brings you negativity. It’s hard to explain so I’ll use a personal example.

My ex and I started hooking up after we had broken up. To any sane person, hooking up with an ex when you are still in love with them is a recipe for disaster. I told myself I could be mature and leave my feelings out of the mix. My ex is a beacon of positive energy, in my mind keeping that around was worth me dealing with a little negativity (living with my desire to be together, and not being able to act on it). As hard as you might try you can’t control your feelings for someone you love. I was soon waiting for a text inviting me to come over just to be around the beacon. I was waiting for my ex to realize we should be together. I was stuck on my ex, the situation had become negative not allowing myself to move on. My ex is still a positive person but us together in this manner is a combination that results in negativity.

We need to rid ourselves of people who aren’t in the same path to happiness. Let go of people who aren’t allowing us to move on, bringing unnecessary stress to our lives. Getting rid of people who are themselves negative is a much easier task than letting go of someone who you may love but are hindering your path to happiness.  You shouldn’t look at it as making sacrifices, you are treating yourself by getting rid of negativity. Respect  and love yourself enough to cut out these people.  If reaching happiness was easy, everyone would be happy.


4 thoughts on “Cut Out the Negative

  1. this is so true and never wait for someone to deliver happiness into your life, for it will only bring you a sense of pain and longing that will never end. whatever positive or negative energy you give out, will be returned to you tenfold.

  2. You know what adrian? Just after I read the tittle of your post, I lough to my self, couse I’m now trying to cut all my negatives, instead of go away, it makes me get sick now, couse I still think of them.. huuu.. 😦

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