Negative World

This is going to be annoying for some people to read but I am happy. I can truly say that I am smiling as I type this. By no means is my life perfect, but I’ve decided that I needed to take control of my happiness. So many people blame everything around them for their misery, but even in a sea of chaos you can be afloat in a vessel of joy. (I’ll give some of you time to vomit or roll your eyes) I read this book by Don Miguel Ruiz called “The Four Agreements” and it states four things you can alter in your life to be a better and happier you. None of his four things are new, but his reasoning for their importance truly enlightened me. I am more aware of my actions and those around me that might be trying to bring me down. I have control of how I deal with negativity, and I have chosen to not let it overtake me and keep me down.

My favorite agreement he made is “to not take anything personally”, simple enough right? But he goes into why we shouldn’t and in his writing I discovered a way to let negative things people say not affect me. He states that most of the things people say about you that are negative have more to do with them than yourself. We all have different opinions and belief systems, so why should we take the words someone throws at us as fact? If you ask people what they think about brocoli, you will get various answers ranging from delicious to it taste like rubber. If you think it’s delicious no one else’s opinion will make you start hating it. By taking their hurtful words as fact, you are now living in their belief system and throwing yours out the window. The only person living your life is you, no one else knows all your thoughts or beliefs, so you shouldn’t let anyone else opinions squash your beliefs. Don’t let their hurtful insults plant a seed in your mind that will start diminishing your own self worth. The only opinion that matters in your life is your own.

Choosing to be happy isn’t easy by any means, life has so much negativity in it but if you can root why that negativity is what it is, then you can see that it doesn’t matter so it shouldn’t affect you. Blaming others for your misery is the easy way out. No one else is going to help you just because you blame them. Take responsibility and control of your life, and you’ll realize your true strength.

Making yourself happy will come with its up and downs, but you shouldn’t be discourage when you notice you are letting the negativity get to you. Its a process, you can only do the best you can in that moment. So what if you were happy all day yesterday, but today you slipped and let someone’s words get to you. The important thing is you tried your best today, even though you didn’t have the same result you had yesterday, you still did all you could. Tomorrow you can try again. As long as you tried your best there really is no failure. As long as you are working towards happiness, you are on the right path. Don’t be your own worst critic.


4 thoughts on “Negative World

  1. Very good insights here. I’m going to look for that book. True, happiness requires a little bit of indifference, never taking anything personally is the coolest thing you can do to ensure your peace of mind.

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