Signs You Are Becoming Old

It hadn’t been until recently that I started noticing some strange behavior in myself. The more I thought about it the more I realized I was becoming my parents and even grandparents…the horror!!!

-I am waking up before the crack of dawn on my own without an alarm clock.

-Instead of going out I stay in, watch tv, and I am in bed by 10pm.

-I don’t understand what the kids are listening to these days.

-I get excited when a friend shares a food recipe.

-I’d rather go antique shopping than hit the mall.

-I actually compare prices on similar products before purchasing them. Don’t even mention bring up my new fascination with coupons.

-When I do go out I am yawning by 11pm.

-I’d rather go to the matinee at the movies.

-Dinner is at 7, and no later.

So this is it folks, I am a goner. Leave me here. Save yourself, this might be contagious. Enjoy your youthful life far away from me, or I might complain about the noise level. Leave this old man to turn gray haired (if i even have hair by then).


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