Let It Be

Stop trying to control everything in your life. 

Stop trying to quiet all the voices in your mind. 

Just let it be.

The way to achieve peace in your life is to just let it be. The more we try to control things or quiet our thoughts the louder everything gets. The world is an ever revolving sphere, never stopping for anyone. By trying to control something in your life, in a way you are trying to slow down the planet. Things in life are going to happen whether you planned them or not. If you spend so much time controlling things, the world will pass you by. You have become so focused on this one thing that you missed everything else that passed by. 

We all know that life passes by quickly. Just think about this month, June is almost here. If we are so obsessed with controlling we miss a big chunk of life. I am not saying go through life never planning or focusing on your goals, but don’t become consumed by it. Learn to balance.

Learn to find moments where you just let yourself revolve with the planet. Let things happen around and to you. You will discover as you let yourself go all the voices in your mind will subside. As you let yourself go your mind will be able to relax. Letting oneself go is frightening, we assume if we let ourselves go that we will lose control. But in fact you will find that when you just let it be, you will find yourself more at peace than ever. You have no expectations or pressure, you are just going along with what comes your way. 


5 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. You reminded me of Section 48 of the Tao Te Ching, where it says, ‘By doing nothing, everything gets done.’ If you haven’t read Lao Tzu (which I doubt), you should.
    Great post!

    • Glad you ran into it. Love those moments when you read or hear something that just speaks to the moment you are living, makes us realize we aren’t alone in these situations. Others have been right where we are, if they made it so can you! Ps do something that makes you smile, and your day will automatically brighten up.

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