B*tch or Honest

I would consider myself a pretty straight-forward kind of person. If I see something I don’t agree with or if I am asked for an opinion I am pretty blunt about my thoughts. Yet when it involves myself for some reason I hold in the truth. If someone is hurting me or mistreating me I don’t speak up. I have no problem speaking up for others, but when it comes to my own feelings I don’t speak up.

So many times in our lives we have people who take advantage of us or play with our emotions, and we just take it. What is it about speaking up for ourselves that makes it so much harder? Shouldn’t it be easier to speak up for yourself, than for others? 

I don’t worry about how others might react to my stance or opinion. If I see something I don’t agree with, I will speak up. Injustice is something that only continues if people stay quiet. It truly astonishes me when society stays quiet and let’s injustice be imposed on others, especially when people aren’t able to speak for themselves or are outnumbered. 

Yet, I am afraid to speak up for myself and “hurt” someones feelings. I am not afraid to possibly offend or go against someone when speaking up for others, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings that are hurting me. It just makes no sense. I allow people to step over me, but I am afraid to tell them to stop or leave me alone. If these people are in my life and are hurting me, I should be able to speak up. We shouldn’t have people in our life that bring negativity. 

Speaking up is the only way to stop injustice being done to yourself. Some people are oblivious to the hurt they cause you, so they may have no idea. Some do know the hurt they are causing you, but continue the behavior because we don’t speak up. At the end of the day, this is your life so you should be able to enjoy it without unnecessary hurt from others. If you hurt someone’s feelings defending your happiness then so be it. You need to put yourself first sometimes. 


4 thoughts on “B*tch or Honest

  1. Well put. Don’t be afraid to speak up for you! You gotta let others know how you feel and sometimes it’s going to hurt their feelings. But wouldn’t you rather speak up than keep quiet and miserable?

  2. i agree, that is a huge challenge for me too. i think what happens is that you know how it feels to be hurt, and can empathize with the other person, no matter right or wrong, and don’t want to hurt them. have to make myself remember that i am just as worthy to receive respect and things that are good for me, as opposed to accepting what i know is wrong or not good for me. try to put things in perspective of what would you do if someone was treating your friend the way that someone is treating you? you would stand up for them and speak your mind of course, defending them. give yourself permission to so the same for yourself. it is not selfish, it is self preservation. ) beth

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