“Un Love Me” by Leona Lewis

This is one of my favorite songs of the moment. I think so many of us have experienced this. We know we should leave but we can’t. We end up hoping the other person will end things, because we can’t. Deep down we still want to believe this can work, but we know it won’t. If you want to hear the song just click on the image for a really great lyric video.

It doesn’t matter
All the times you broke my heart
When I’m alone
Wish you’d be with me in the dark,
But when you’re here you know
We always fall apart,
We’re better off on our own.

Wish I could tell you goodbye,
But I won’t
Cause every time that I try
I can’t let go
I’m begging you to
Un love me Un love me
Cause I know
I should want to be free
But I don’t
Cause I still wanna believe
You’re the one
I’m begging you to un love me
Cause I can’t un love you…


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