Empty Words

The combination of words can take us to the farthest reachest of our minds and help us escape to a magical world. Yet some people find it more entertaining to combine words to bring other people down. The ease that some people throw words at others to hurt them is truly disturbing. There is various campaigns out there that try and tell people to stop using words to hurt others. What I have come to realize is that the only real solution is to empower the people who the words are being thrown at.

Words only hurt when they hit on a sore spot. If you have doubts about yourself and someone brings them up then in your mind they are confirming your self doubts. Your insecurities allow empty words to take weight, and when people know the words hurt you they continue to use them against you. Only confirming your self doubts more and more. 

Words are empty unless you let them carry meaning. If you become comfortable with who you are then nothing anyone says can hurt you.If you believe you are pretty then no matter who says you are ugly it won’t bother you. People’s opinions are based on their own mindset, so why should their standards be the definite word on you. If you see yourself as beautiful then you are beautiful.

Learn to accept and love yourself. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but words won’t be able to hurt. We all think we have imperfections but they are part of us, feel comfortable in your own body and mind. Learn to stop thinking of them as imperfections but as just you.


4 thoughts on “Empty Words

    • Thanks. Wish more people realized that they can stop words from hurting them by getting to feel secure in their own skin. People are always going to be throwing words to hurt, the sooner they realize these words are just empty the better.

      • I find the majority of bullying is just a reflection of what the bully feels about themselves. For instance, it’s the child who has been told by its parents that it is worthless who will be the worst of them… only because they want everyone to feel as worthless as they do. When you think of bullies that way, it’s easy to pity them and to know that it’s their own problem that makes them act that way, not yours.

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