Personal Update

It’s July, crazy how time can escape you. I just wanted to share a little personal update on my life so far. I normally stay away from pure personal blogging, but I think it’s good to know the person behind the blog sometimes. 

Few weeks ago I posted asking for advice on dealing with an ex of mine. As much as I might tell myself that I need to keep my distance somehow the universe has a way of getting us back together, and who am I to ignore. This past month we have hung out a few times and things have seemed to go well. Having a good time with him has never been an issue, we always seem to end up laughing and enjoying hanging out. While any normal person would consider this a friendship, I can’t seem to label it that. Who knows what will happen but for the time being I will take our new entangled lives.

I have kickstarted my working out again. Since I started working and had some back pain I’ve seriously slacked at the gym. I actually love working out, it’s just getting back into the swings of things that’s rough. I am even waking up at 5:30am a couple times a week to hit the gym before work…I’ll wait for the applause….You shouldn’t of, stop, you are making me blush.

Hope all my readers in the USA have a great Fourth Of July, and to the rest of you hope you have a great day. Always remember to look on the bright side, and make your own happiness. You are beautiful and you deserve to smile. 


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