Bye Bye Online Dating

I recently deleted my online dating accounts. It has been the same cycle of people just wanting sex or people who can’t carry a conversation. I have come to the realization that I am not missing anything by not being on these sites.

My initial reasoning for making these accounts is because I am horrible at interacting with people in person, making a good first impression is quite difficult for me. Somehow being online makes it easier for me to be confident and outgoing. Maybe I have a fear of rejection, and being rejected in person is quite a bit more brutal than someone just not responding to your message online. I am also quite shy, I would never go up to a stranger when I am out and about. Being online comes with a freedom to be yourself, because you are basically describing yourself on your profile so people know who they are dealing with when they start a conversation. 

But honestly I think the biggest reason I had these online accounts was because I wanted to find the right person as soon as possible. The online dating world cast a huge web with so many more potential matches than you just walking around in your daily life. With my last relationship I was able to imagine my future: the house, the wedding, and maybe children. So when that ended and I was fully back together I wanted to find someone else that I could imagine those things with again. 

Now that I have been single for ten months, I have come to the realization that I am okay with being alone. Yes I do miss cuddling, and having someone to discuss my day with in bed. Yet, I have gone without a relationship for ten months now and I’m at a much happier place than I’ve ever been in my life. It seems with time I am growing and coming into my own skin, being alone forces you to deal with yourself.

I still want that relationship that’ll allow me to imagine a future together with that person, but I can’t rush this into happening. Hopefully the right person is out there for me, and somehow they will come into my life. The universe always finds a way. For the time being I am happy being alone and growing. By the time the universe brings love back to my life, I’ll be much better prepared to handle it. 


12 thoughts on “Bye Bye Online Dating

  1. It sounds like you are reaching a good understanding of yourself and what you really want. Happy to read you are growing stronger and happier with yourself )

  2. The universe is pretty good at giving us what we need if we trust it to do so. I think you’ve got the right idea for sure. I’m trying to do the same and live life more and plan life less– it’s a learning process 🙂

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