My Big Day!


For so long I never thought I would get married. Not because I didn’t think I could find love (fingers crossed) but because the idea of a wedding just never appealed to me. It cost a ton and seems so stressful to plan, plus I don’t believe you need to put a ring on it to make it eternal or validated.

Yet I recently came to the conclusion that I do want to get married. How did I come to this conclusion you might ask (let’s be honest you probably don’t care but i’ll still share)….I noticed a ton of my “likes” on tumblr were about wedding things. I’ve had a picture (picture is below) saved on my phone that I found on tumblr for well over three months, which i thought would be a beautiful idea for a proposal setting or for a wedding dinner rehearsal.

ImageI’ve actually had planned what I want my wedding ring to look like for almost a year, I’m pretty sure that’s normal. That I won’t share though because it seems a little personal (yes, now I have boundaries). I don’t know if it’s just my gayness kicking in or I’m just at a state in my life where I’m getting the marriage fever, no clue. I’ve also already thought of songs I want mixed together as my wedding song dance…I’m pretty sure that’s my gayness to blame for this. I’m even following a vlog on Youtube about two guys planning their wedding (, which just gives me more ideas to be obsessed with about weddings. 

I just want to have a day where everyone around me can see how much I truly want to commit my life to this one person. I want my partner to know that I love them and want the whole world to know how much they mean to me. It’s not even so much about the party, which trust me will be amazing…gay wedding duh! But it’s about feeling our love magnified by all the people around us that believe in our love. I’ve come to the conclusion that love is something you work on and grow, not something that will magically happen and be perfection. When you find someone that you want to work on building the greatest love possible, there’s no shame in proclaiming your love with a nice festivity. 


I am waiting for that love to come into my life, so in the mean time I will live vicariously through the internet. I will warn my future husband that the longer he takes to come into my life, the more time I have to get ideas which leads to a pricer wedding, so he should hurry up and get here as soon as possible. 

Do any of you have pictures and ideas already for a wedding that is no where near in sight? There’s nothing wrong with single people planning a wedding right?




8 thoughts on “My Big Day!

  1. No pictures for my wedding, but I do have a picture of an engagement ring that I want. It doesn’t have a huge diamond, or anything, it’s just really pretty. I had a connection with it. Seriously, I think it spoke to me.(:

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