Giving Your Heart Away

Careful what you love because that’s what you could lose.

Think one of the hardest things in life is deciding who to give your heart to. We have all given our hearts away only to have them returned broken. Some of us never recover from that, we grow fearful and doubtful of anyone attempting to receive our heart. We build up these walls to protect our heart, but all we are really doing is shutting ourselves down.

We can only be truly happy when we are free and open to the world. We can’t live in fear of hurt or pain. Whether we have these walls built up or not, hurt will happen. If you keep building up these walls more and more with each new hurt then you will have closed any opportunity for true love to arrive. 

Nobody likes to have a broken heart but people who aren’t afraid to love freely are the ones who find love first. They take each heartbreak as a step closer to finding that true love. Your heart is a muscle, the only way to build a stronger and bigger muscle is to tear it up and let it rebuild bigger and better. Don’t be afraid to workout your heart. Be open to giving your heart away to those who deserve it, and don’t be afraid. 


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