When I read this quote posted by one of my favorite Twitter people (@JordanBach), I immediately understood where it was coming from. As I’ve grown I’ve come to understand that I don’t have control of everything in my life, and that is okay. The more you try to control everything around you the more you cut yourself off from the world, and by default you cut yourself off from actually living.

“To be alive is to be vulnerable”

The people who enjoy life the most are the ones that don’t worry about things not going there way. Life is an ever revolving ball of energy that shouldn’t be tamed. You should try and control some things in your life but if you really want to feel alive sometimes you need to let your guard down and be vulnerable. You are exposing yourself to the possibility of loss, hurt, or failure but at the same time you are opening yourself up to the possibility of bliss, success and happiness.

One of the things we tend to stop being vulnerable in as we get older is love. The older we get the more failed relationships we are bound to collect. To love someone is to become vulnerable, you are opening yourself up to someone and showing them who you really are. You devote time and energy on building this relationship on the basis of the love. When it falls apart, the more vulnerable you were in the relationship the more it’ll hurt. Feeling pain and hurt is not a pleasant experience so no one would purposefully try and inflict it upon themselves but when it comes to love sometimes pain is just part of the cycle. One shouldn’t stop falling in love so as to not become vulnerable once again. If you become so afraid of being vulnerable in a relationship then you will never find that true love. Being in a happy and succesful relationship is dependent on both individuals being vulnerable and allowing themselves to be open to love.

To take chances is to be vulnerable. We all know that taking chances is a scary thing, you just never know which way things might end up. Staying on the same route is easy and reassuring because you know what’s coming up next but at the same time staying on the same route for too long can make someone stop living. We have all seen people “living” their lives but they seem almost robotic, not really alive. They never change up their routine, same thing day in and day out. Sometimes you need to take a chance and go down a different route. Be vulnerable to the experiences that may arise from this new path.

We should all be students of life. To gain the most knowledge possible we must remain open to the things life may throw our way. Don’t be afraid to take chances or let someone in. Being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness but the courage of strong willed individual. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself to be vulnerable, it’s one of the best ways to learn who you really are.


6 thoughts on “Vulnerability

  1. i am happy you are open and okay with being vulnerable. i am the same, though it took some time for me to come to this point. it is only then, when we lose the fear of being hurt, and knowing we will be okay once again if it happens, that we have the chance to experience full out joy and love.

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