Current Event: Phil Robertson’s Gay Remarks


I normally don’t talk about current events but I thought I’d give it a go. Let me know if you like this kind of thing on my blog.

Recently one of the stars of Duck Dynasty made some comments, in a GQ magazine interview, describing his views on homosexuals. He basically grouped homosexuals with terrorist and drunks; also stating homosexuals wouldn’t “inherit the Kingdom of God”. Just today the network, A&E, that airs the program suspended Phil Robertson indefinitely from the show due to his remarks.

You would think being a gay man I would be outraged or offended by his remarks, but if anything I’m more offended by the TV network that has pulled Phil out of his own reality show. My issue with this is, he was just stating his beliefs in a magazine article (as far as I know he has never mentioned any of this on his show) yet he is being punished for his beliefs. Now I for sure don’t agree with any of his comments, but that doesn’t mean I would wish harm against him.

Being gay I know that a a huge portion of people see my life as negative or lesser than their lives. I have no problem with people expressing their beliefs, as long as those beliefs are stated maturely and without hostility. If someone wants to say I’m as good as a terrorist, then that’s their opinion, I know I am not. Other people’s opinions don’t diminish who I am. I am who I am, someone trying to say something different doesn’t affect me at all. I have a fundamental issue with Phil hunting duck for sport or recreation, but I doubt he would be offended by me stating that. So why should I be offended by his remarks on something he may have no life experience with?

There is bigger battles out there, people who actually physically attack homosexuals or wish us ill will. Phil just stated his opinion, while maybe not the most eloquent manner, he didn’t wish homosexuals anything ill-mannered. If people are taking Phil’s commentray to heart and suddenly start hating homosexuals, then let’s be honest that person was never really on the equality train, no loss there. Plus, last I checked Phil wasn’t God, so I’ll take my chances being gay, how I was born.  



8 thoughts on “Current Event: Phil Robertson’s Gay Remarks

  1. I totally agree with you, and if we condemn one’s opinions, then doesn’t that make us a bit hypocritical? Honestly, anyone can say anything to me because you are entitled to your own beliefs. I only get offended when it’s an attack. When I came out to a good friend, he told me that he hated the whole concept of homosexuality and think it’s entirely wrong, but he will still respect my decisions and will not discriminate. And I thank you him for that. By the way, I love this article and style of writing! Keep it up!

  2. Absolutely agree. I must say, when I first saw this I thought you were going to go at him as well. But I enjoyed your stance on this issue. Plus I really love your last line of this piece, ” Plus, last I checked Phil wasn’t God, so I’ll take my chances being gay, how I was born. ”

    • Gays spent so much time not being heard and now that there is an outlet for us, the majority acts the same way that people who wanted us to be silent did. You can’t judge someone’s opinion if that’s all they’ve ever known. I obviously think he is wrong but all I can do is hope he is able to open his mind and heart to learning about gays.

  3. I am happy to see a fellow gay man like myself stay calm on this subject. I tried avoiding social media as much as I could the past couple days due to all of my friends getting so upset and talking poorly on this subject, but to be able to see this and know there are other gay men out there who are taking this in a calm mature manner is nice.

    • I know how much I value being able to share my opinions, so why wouldnt I respect someone who shares their opinion, even if I don’t agree. I wish people thought about this first instead of just jumping on Phil.

  4. I also agree that people can have their opinions as long as they are respectful, however the line is blurred when a loved one doesn’t agree with your decisions. I came out as bisexual to a friend, and she told me why she thought gay marriage was wrong with a couple of Bible verses to back herself up (I’m still Christian by the way, although I like to think of myself as progressive). We have sort of resolved the argument, although I take Justin Lee’s view on being queer and christian – people can’t help the way they feel and queers have every right to love and be loved in marriage or otherwise. Love is always legitimate and should be unconditional no matter the genders of the people involved.

    Sorry for the long post, but I’m wondering what you would do in a similar situation? like if you have a friend who is respectful but not supportive of your decisions i.e. you getting a boyfriend or marrying a man?

    • I had a friend who wasn’t necessarily understanding of me being gay. But with time she actually has come around, and is even supportive. It comes down to you. What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with? Can you handle someone who may internally not be supportive of your life?

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