Creating Our Own Distractions

One of the challenges in life is realizing and becoming who we ought to be. Some are lucky and achieve this early on in life, but many are left to face the world while also trying to figure out who they are. We all must travel our own paths with ups and downs until we can achieve that moment of self-realization, but maybe some of us slow ourselves down. We have all heard the expression We are our own worst enemy and that saying can be quite often true. Some of us are guilty of distracting ourselves from becoming the person we ought to be. 

Whether on purpose or subconsciously, we can be guilty of sabotaging our own path. We may chose to dive into a relationship that we know will provide no real outlet or growth, but instead bring unnecessary drama and sadness. We may put ourselves into a situation that we know will not lead to anything but disaster. We create these distractions or obstacles to hinder the path to finding our true self. It sounds nice to find yourself but for many it can be a nerve wrecking experience. We don’t know who we will be until we get there, and who knows if we will like who we are. We would rather create this distraction and not have to worry about what’s to come.

Life can be cruel enough by its own nature, do not add any more cruelty by your own doing. Take experiences, whether good or bad, as they come forth by the force of the universe. The experiences brought on by nature’s accord are meant to teach and allow for personal growth on the path to personal discovery. Most experiences we bring upon ourselves are mere distractions that not only hinder growth but can really damage one’s self worth. You deserve to find who you ought to be.


4 thoughts on “Creating Our Own Distractions

  1. I am a HUGE self admitted self sabotage-er. Sometimes I recognize it when it’s happening, sometimes it’s in retrospect.
    Great advice…something I try to remind myself on a daily basis.

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