Imprinted Words

Imprinted Words

We’ve always heard words carry power, but imagine if the words you spoke became visible on your skin. The words you spoke to others would become visible for everyone to see. Would you be proud of your skin, or would you cover yourself up to hide the words written on them?

Now imagine not only the words you verbalize would appear on your skin, but the things you say to yourself. Not just your thoughts about other people, but what you say about yourself. Stupid. Worthless. Fat. Ugly.

When you speak and think negativty, you become engulfed in a negative world. Learn to appreciate others, and love yourself. If you want your skin to be beautiful, then make your mind as beautiful as you can make it.


Lady Gaga Speaking and Singing at NYC Pride

Just wanted to share this video, which moved me. I doesn’t only speak to the gays but to any minority that has felt oppressed and strives to make that oppression a distant memory.

I may not be the biggest Lady Gaga fan but her speech on gays truly got to me. This week gays were acknowledged federally as being equal to all other couples out there. While we still have a long way to go, it’s really a giant step forward.

Lady Gaga’s rendition of our national song is truly moving. Beautiful!