A Daily Rant

Being a gay man, I’ve always tried to walk this line of not allowing the fact that I am gay define me as a person. I am more than just a gay man, that’s just a tiny aspect of who I am. Yet in the wolrd we live in now, that aspect is a big label I must choose to wear or hide. This moment in history calls for those who want change to speak loudly, and wear that label as visible as possible. There is nothing wrong with being gay but just not broadcasting it, that’s a personal choice. But in order to make change happen, we must change us. We must wear this label until the world realizes that this label is nothing more than just a tiny part of that person, not something that should define them.

I live in a world where I live in fear of holding another man’s hand or kissing a man I love in public. No one should live in a world where being themselves puts their life at risk. I know who I am, and so should the world. I am someone who wants to love and be loved. Why should I be afraid of love? Why should I be afraid to show my love to the world?

I want to live in a world where the word gay/lesbian/transgender are obsolete. I don’t want to be defined by a word. I want to be define by the kind of person I am. How I treat others. How I allow others to treat me. I just want to be Adrian.

Why can’t the world just be happy with that? 



Non-Humans Apparently Exist

I’m not one to play the gay card, but the blatant disregard to equality still baffles me. Living in America we hear all throughout our schooling that this is the country of freedom and prosperity but in various aspects that doesn’t apply. America likes to think of itself as a beacon of light to the rest of the world, but overtime it seems that this country has stopped shining. Fourteen countries around the world allow same-sex marriage, not including the United States (even though twelve states do recognize same-sex marriage). Yet, even though same-sex marriage might not be nationally recognized here in America other places have it much worse.

Russia recently has had a couple bills that blatantly discuss gays as less human than heterosexuals. One of the bills makes it illegal to tell children that homosexuality exist, or that homosexuals are equal to heterosexuality. The other bills makes it illegal for countries that allow same-sex marriage to adopt children, the bill also makes it illegal for single individuals to adopt (no matter the sexual orientation). While I understand that the majority of Russians support these bills (let’s be honest any poll from Russia is probably a little shady), this bill makes no common sense. There is children that need homes with a bill like this so many will not have the opportunity to prosper in a loving environment and will just disappear in the system.

Some of the opponents  on same-sex couples adopting say that gay individuals shouldn’t be able to adopt because they are pedophiles.  They seem to overlook that there is pedophiles that are straight. If the point of banning same-sex couples from adopting is children’s safety then probably no one should adopt a child. They also say same-sex couples will make the child become gay. Heaven forbid that there is another homosexual in the world, and newsflash we don’t learn to be gay, we just are. So instead of giving children the opportunity to thrive in a adoptive family, they rather the child stay in the adoptive system.

The argument against same-sex marriage is just as ludicrous.  Same-sex marriage threatens the institution of marriage. Fourteen countries allow same-sex marriages right now, and as far as I know those countries haven’t had a collapse of the marriage institution (I called the institution, they wouldn’t comment). If the gay couple next to you threatens your marriage, then your marriage must not have a stable and loving foundation. They also argue the Bible says homosexuality is wrong. Right off the bat, governments have a separation of church and government….republicans tend to forget this little fact here in America. The Bible mentions homosexuality very little, and where it is mentioned the verses could be interpreted in various ways. Who is to say their interpretation is the supreme one. 

It just amazes me that here in America we had Black Civil Rights, now people look back on those times and say they can’t believe there was discrimination. Well the Gay Civil Rights is the same thing, but this time instead of skin color people are discriminating a interior biological aspect.

I’m sorry to just rant but with Russia’s bills this week it’s really made me realize just how second class we are treated around the world. I’m not saying people should be made to love homosexuals but people should be able to agree that we all deserve the same rights, whether you agree with someone’s lives. We all share this world, no one should be superior to anybody else.

Small World

ImagePhoto from London Marathon today. 

Today was the London Marathon, and in show of respect they had a thirty-second moment of silence before the race. Sometimes we get tunnel vision and only focus on what’s immediately around us, not looking outside our own towns. Most of us only remember there’s a world outside our own towns when we watch the news and see some tragedy occurring to others. Why do we have this mentality of only focusing on ourselves?

The world may seem large, but we are only a tiny dot when you think of our role in the whole universe. As far as we know, we are the only life forms around. Yet we have people far and near doing or threatening acts of violence to others. Instead of trying to enhance the world for the betterment of the entire planet, we have many doing everything in their power to stall this. I understand there is a variety of people with different ideals, religions, moral standards, languages and skin tone but we all share our home. I just can’t wrap my mind around those using petty things to justify violence against others they don’t understand or disapprove of. 

Call me naive, but shouldn’t world peace be easy to achieve? This tunnel vision many people posses is what’s blocking harmony from overtaking the entire planet. Random acts of violence never have a winner. The planet has gone through several wars, and two “World Wars” but can anyone really call themselves a winner. The only thing achieved is destructions of entire countries, homes, and the loss of millions of people. 

These two bombers in Boston, what did they achieve? One is dead and the other is in prison. I just don’t understand. You know you are going to get caught, so why do it? Only thing you have done is taken the lives of innocent people, and cut your own lives short. No winners. We have North Korea threatening to use weapons against pretty much the entire world. Why? 

This post is a little random, but I just don’t understand these people who seem to thrive on death and destruction. Why can’t we all just accept our differences and help each other grow without weapons and death? We pride ourselves as being the smartest living things, but honestly we are nothing more than senseless killing machines. I wish the world could unite to better our world, not just unite when tragedy strikes.